"who do you pair that character with?"

happiness. life. being happy. not being dead. i want them to be alive and safe. and happy. that’s what i’m getting at. that is the direction this is going in. that’s my only wish

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It’s really weird knowing my dad loves his new partner more than he ever could love my mum. The things that he does with her, the things that he never did for my mum. It’s just something I’m not used to, I barely know the woman, and she’s become this part of his life that I don’t even know. Like he’s trying harder with us, he stopped trying when we came back, and now I guess I know why.

At least he’s happy now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve fucked up my ankle. Walking down the steps the other night I fully twisted it, but thought nothing of it because I wanted to sleep. Now two days later and it’s this dull aching pain :/